Bobcat Hire Central Coast

Our Bobcat hire in Central Coast will make light work of all your heavy lifting projects. There’s no need to do it yourself, let us at Pro Excavation Central Coast do the hard work for you. Be confident that a licensed professional is always in the driver’s seat by taking advantage of our popular wet hire services. We have all the Bobcat equipment you need for your rural, residential or industrial projects including a wide range of excavators, bulldozers, tractors, loaders and compact utility vehicles. Are you worried about cramped spaces and confined areas? As part of our fleet of well maintained and regularly serviced machinery we have the latest models in mini excavators and skid steer loaders on the market, including the Toyota skid steer loader, making entering limited access areas a breeze.

Tough and agile our Bobcat hire in Central Coast will ensure that you have the best machinery in town for all your landscaping and earthmoving projects. Our machine operators will come to your property wherever you are on the Central Coast, fully equipped and ready to start. Give us a call to get your free quote on Bobcat hire in Central Coast today. We also offer demolition, site cuts and trenching services.

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bobcat mini excavator clearning soil from backyard
mini excavator operator performing soil levelling

Skid steer loader

Skid-steer loaders are one of the most versatile pieces of excavation and earthmoving equipment in the business. Built to be able to take on a multitude of tasks in a number of different environments this is one piece of equipment that you will never regret hiring. Skid-steer loaders are known for having powerful lifting arms that can handle an unlimited number of useful attachments and tools such as the sleeper grab and ripper attachment, auger attachment, hammer tool, buckets, concrete mixers, claws and broom attachments.

It’s not hard to guess why our skid steer loaders are one of our most hired out pieces of equipment. Skid-steer loaders have the added advantage of being small and compact enough to enter limited access areas such as small backyards and the ability to drive over terrain without causing tread marks or damage. Call our friendly team at Pro Excavation Central Coast for a free quote and your skid-steer loader could be stopping by today. 

Limited Access Excavation

Having varying sizes of machinery is essential for conducting safe limited access excavations. Our mini excavators and skid-steer loaders come in handy when excavating areas that standard size excavators cannot reach. We have Bobcat mini excavators, skid steer loaders as well as the Kubota compact excavator and Toyota skid-steer loader for added versatility and choice. Despite it’s small size the Kubota compact excavator boasts a 17 horsepower engine, zero swing tail, double flanged track rollers and has a variable track width making this powerful and agile machine the perfect choice for limited access excavations.

white mini excavator performing earthmoving

All our skid-steer loaders and mini diggers are capable of fitting through doorways, and excavating in cramped spaces such as underground basements and narrow crevices. Don’t waste money on making entry ways bigger for expensive, heavy duty, machinery to enter your property. Our excavation contractors will show up at your property, drive right in and get to digging. Get on the phone with us for a free quote on all your Bobcat hire on the Central Coast today.