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If you require demolition on the Central Coast look no further than Pro Excavation Central Coast. With a team of extensively trained demolition contractors revved up and raring to go, you can be rest assured that your building demolition will be completed safely and in no time at all. Our demolition contractors are experienced with all the ins and outs of demolition on the Central Coast. We have local knowledge of all factors that could affect your demolition including weather patterns, predicting and assessing for asbestos, environmental concerns such as soil type and subterranean factors such as underground pipelines. At Pro Excavation Central Coast we make the safety of our staff, clients, and the public our top priority.

We never take shortcuts on any of our demolitions and always follow Australian demolition safety standards and protocols. Whether it be a home demolition or commercial demolition our team will be on site with the best machinery and equipped in full safety gear. We will take care of everything from decommissioning your building to site clean ups. Call us for a free quote for demolition, site cuts, bobcat hire and trenching on the Central Coast and surrounding areas today.

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Pool Removal

Have you finally settled upon the decision to get rid of your pool? People get rid of their pool for many reasons including the high maintenance costs, safety around children or to get a new pool. For demolition contractors that are the experts at pool removal and partial pool removal services on the Central Coast including Gosford, Wyong and New South Wales you’ve come to the right place. Whether you have an above ground or in ground pool we are the demolition company you can trust for quality workmanship.

For above ground pools we will drain your pool before tearing down the structure and hauling away the debris. If you have an in ground pool the process is a little more complex. We will drain your pool by punching holes into the bottom, next we will demolition the top layer of your pool, removing tiles and concrete. The last step is to fill the space with rubble, dirt and compacted topsoil leaving behind a firm and smooth landscape. Get in touch with our friendly team for a free quote on our pool removal services today.

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House Demolition

Demolishing a house can be a painful process if you choose the wrong people. At Pro Excavation Central Coast we are a fully licensed demolition company, certified to conduct everything from home demolition to industrial demolition. Our team will ensure that your demolition obtains quick council approval so that we can get to work immediately. We will make sure that all utilities have been disconnected and that surrounding areas have been assessed and that the neighbors have been given sufficient notice.

We will tape off the area while making certain that the building and surrounding areas are clear of humans or animals before we start. Our licensed demolition contractors will get to work using wrecking balls, bulldozers and cranes to bring down your house down easily and safely. After demolition we allow for salvage once the area has been marked safe before removing all rubble and debris off your property. Call us for a site assessment and for a free quote anywhere on the Central Coast today.

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