Site Cut Excavation

Site Cuts

Getting a professional site cut with a reputable excavation company on the Central Coast is a decision that you will never look back on. If your land has steep hills or and inclines then a site cut will assist in leveling your land to create a safe, properly compacted ground to build on. Our skilled machine operators and land surveyors will make certain that your site cut meets local council guidelines while ensuring that all site cuts are completed safely and within a reasonable time. We will work with you to develop a site cut plan, taking care of all site preparation and site clearing. We will help you avoid potential costs by keeping you informed of all progress along the way.

Whether you need a site cut to level your driveway or to create a firm ground for your foundations we offer safe and professional services that withstand the test of time. We are experienced in working with both commercial and residential properties and on difficult terrain such as hillsides, rocky ground or marshy areas with poor drainage. For professional services, the best advice and the most affordable site cuts on the Central Coast give us a ring today.

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excavation machines preparing site for landscaping
excavator heading to earthmoving site

Cut and Fill

Cut and fill refers to the earthmoving process most often used in leveling land. The high ground is usually excavated before the earth is transferred to the low side creating a smooth and level sand pad. A site cut and fill also becomes necessary when you’re looking to construct canals, pathways and roads on your property. A major benefit of cut and fills is that they help you save on costs by maximising on materials already on site eliminating the need to purchase extra dirt and soil. 

Fills are commonly used as a landscaping technique to cover rocky outgrowths and to create embankments on your property. Any earthmoving task requires professional and well maintained machinery as well as a detailed site plan to ensure safety and accuracy. At Central Coast we take all the steps to ensure that our clients receive service excellence. We have all the tools and machinery required to complete your site cut and fill without you ever having to get your hands dirty. Get in contact with any of our friendly staff for a free quote today.

pool excavation work in commercial property

Soil Removal

Soil removal involves the removal of soil as well as other materials such as dirt and concrete from your property. At Pro Excavation Central Coast we have all the required tools and professional machinery including cranes, excavators and skid steer loaders to get the job done. We also specialize in pool excavations including concrete removal as well as the removal of soil that has become contaminated by chemicals such as gasoline or naturally occurring substances.

large excavator performing soil removal drainage work

We partner with the leading soil management services in Australia who will manage, decontaminate, separate and recycle your waste into new building materials. Before soil removal can begin the areas will be tested, identified and demarcated for removal. Our contractors will use tip trucks to safely move the soil of your property. Call us for all your soil removal and dirt removal needs today.