Trenching Excavation

Trenching Excavation

Come to us at Pro Excavation Central Coast for professional and affordable trenching excavation on the Central Coast and surrounds, including the cities of Gosford, Wyong and New South Wales. Trenching is notoriously known as being one of the more dangerous excavation tasks due to the fact that the holes are deeper than they are wider. This makes cave-ins and collapses more likely to occur. You can rely on our team of excavation contractors to perform accurate and precise calculations on the depth and width of your trench so that there are no mistakes or disasters along the way. We will also take all the usual precautions to avoid injury to staff or the environment.

We will prepare the site by checking for underground pipelines and utilities as well as possible exposure to hazardous environments such as gases or excessive dust. Our team of excavators have access to the latest trenching equipment and machinery on the market including post hole diggers and mini excavators ensuring you a professional dig. Call us for a free quote today on your drainage trenches, footings and foundations and rubble removal today. 

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Post Hole Digging

For quick and efficient post hole digging and trenching excavation on the Central Coast we have exactly what you need. Why waste time and money on unqualified and inexperienced excavators that could leave you with shoddy workmanship and added costs later on? Our excavators will perfectly place all your post holes at the correct depth for the construction of carports, fences and signs the first time around.

We have all the power, skills and tools including post hole diggers, shoring equipment and post hole augers needed for an accurate and professional finish. Why not remove the guesswork and go with the excavation company you can trust? Call Pro Excavation Central Coast for a free quote on all your digs including laying a cable trench, footings and foundations and post hole digging services today.

excavator performing trenching for drainage pipe laying


Directional boring refers to the process of drilling narrow boreholes along a planned underground route for the installation of utility lines. We will drill a small slot in the ground where your cables and conduits can be pushed through leaving the surroundings undisturbed. This eliminates the need for digging trenches and becomes useful when you want to avoid disrupting the surface of your property.

Boring is a safer process than trenching as bore holes do not disrupt ecosystems or cause groundwater pollution. We at Pro Excavation Central Coast have the equipment and know-how to take on your most challenging tasks including drilling through timber, cement and rock while avoiding pre existing pipelines. Call our friendly team for a site assessment and a free quote today.

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